Our Story

We are a family company that started in 1996 and was founded in Colorado Springs, CO in the year 2001. After working on medical equipment in major hospitals on the East Coast for over 10 years, founder Bruce Gelerter saw firsthand what’s really going on behind the scenes in healthcare.

In a day to day medical setting, there is a technology, and then there are body parts to be scanned through it. But the person attached to the body part is an afterthought: “Nurse, send that kidney over to MRI! And bring down that brain for CAT scan.” Healthcare hardly sees Mrs. Smith or Little Timmy and their experience is just another condition to mitigate. Needless to say, Bruce recognized an immediate need to improve the human condition. He set out to design, patent, and prototype medical devices that immediately improve and preserve the patients’ quality of life.

Today, we have a Portfolio of patented and pilot tested electro-therapeutic devices for mental health, chronic pain, and diabetes. Several are already on the market and others require FDA approval to release. We could seek partnership with a major open innovation partner such as Boston Scientific or Johnson & Johnson. But we would rather work with investors to grow this company and eventually be acquired. We believe we can accomplish that as soon as Year 3 or 4.

Why We Are Different

We bear our investors’ needs in mind
Investors are looking for medical devices with breakout growth potential. But how to tell which devices are based on junk science from the ones positioned to change the face of medicine? Simple.

Our devices are based on established research published by respected sources, Universities, and the National Institute of Health (NIH). Specifically, we look for studies demonstrating the biological effects of a mechanism that shows measurable results and promising outcomes with further development. Then, we look to the market to see if it’s been done before, who is leading the way, and to identify what could be improved from the patient / practitioner perspective. We identify existing IP to stand on and secure new intellectual property on top of it.

The resulting device not only matches the desirable functions of existing solutions, it exceeds them to define a new and better state of the art in its specialty. Our products are all pilot-tested by end users for efficacy and market adoption.

We bear our industry’s needs in mind

Our devices are electro-therapeutic in nature. Some of these technologies are broadly accepted by the FDA and we offer these for sale to distribution partners and individuals. Other devices can only be released with FDA approval. We work with an FDA Submissions Advisor to do intensive research and communicate with the FDA to expedite the approval process.

We bear our patients’ needs in mind

Patient need drives practitioner adoption. Our developments focus on under-served patient groups currently falling through the cracks in the medical system for a lack of viable, non-invasive treatments. Some examples of the conditions we have developed devices for include PTSD, diabetic amputation, and chronic pain.

The Opportunity

What’s in it for you?

We’d like to invite you along to ride this breakout growth curve with us. Each of our disruptive devices is designed to outperform the current industry standard in its specialty, proven effective in pilot testing, and positioned to grow with booming market demand.

How quickly do we expect to see returns?

We can enter the market immediately with our non-medical devices for projected returns of $1.5M gross the first year. By the second year, as our technologies receive FDA approval, we will gain tremendous value in the global medical market as we introduce superior medical treatments to point-of-care facilities. We project $5 to 8M in gross sales by the end of Year 2. By the end of Year 3, we will be looking at exit options at approximately $30M.

Where are we at and what do we need right now?

We are currently accepting orders for devices which do not require FDA approval. We need funding to fill these orders, to increase our distribution to bring in more sales, and to get devices FDA approved to gain access to lucrative markets in the medical sphere.