About Us

ElectroMedical Research develops novel electrotherapeutic devices that help the body heal itself.

We Believe the body is intelligent and, given what it needs, it has the innate ability to recover.

In our research since 1996, we discovered the underlying cause of many health conditions to be closely related to the body lacking energy in the form of bio-available micro-current electricity. Our devices support patient recovery by electromagnetic means.

We Value Quality of Care and Quality of Life First.

Technology has its place in healthcare, but the human element and caring for the patient always comes first. We bear this in mind when developing new therapies because we understand that nobody is just a ‘patient’ and no one volunteers to be. Each patient is a person who is somebody’s parent, child, or sibling. They want help from someone who cares. And most of all, they want to get back to living a full and happy life without pain or complications.

In 1996, We Set Out with a Purpose:

To discover the best energies the body will accept to aid in its healing process and develop non-invasive treatments to deliver them.

Our portfolio of pilot tested electro-therapeutic devices for pain, mental health, and diabetes energize the body to improve the patients’ condition right away and restore their quality of life.