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Corona discharge apparatus

US 20090122583 A1

An apparatus for producing a corona discharge and a method for producing a corona discharge is described. The apparatus comprises a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) for producing an audio signal at an adjustable frequency. The VCO is controlled by a ramp generator, and the ramp generator causes the voltage controlled oscillator to continually adjust the frequency of the audio signal. The audio signal modulates a carrier signal produced by a pulse width modulated oscillator and the modulated carrier signal is provided to a coil assembly. The coil assembly is matched to the frequency of the carrier signal and produces a high voltage AC charge from the audio signal. A discharge pin discharges the high voltage AC charge in the form of an ionized corona from the coil assembly.
Publication number US20090122583 A1
Publication type Application
Application number US 11/983,959
Publication date May 14, 2009
Filing date Nov 13, 2007
Priority date Nov 13, 2007
Also published as CA2643487A1
Inventors Bruce Gelerter
Original Assignee Bruce Gelerter
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